1/10 returns from TPE

3/10-13  ASILS10 Uiversity of Shaarjah, UAE   https://www.asils10-uae.org (invited talk)

  Characterization of broadband single attosecond pulses”


4/16-5/9.  visit Shanghai, Hangzhou, Taizhou, and Nanjing

Lectures at Shanghai normal univeristy,

East China normal university,

Shanghai Institute of Science and Engineering;

Taizhou University;

Nanjing University of Science and Technology

5/28-6/1 DAMOP Laudersdale FL

8/18-23   ACS meeting in Boston (invited talk) Boston

 Probing spatial and spectroscopic structure information with femtosecond intense laser fields”

9/23-25 DOE site review

10/5-27 SA travels

10/21-24 DOE annual meeting





12/7-1/4 TPE expedia

1/17 semester begins

3/20-24 springbreak

3/27-29 AWCXR workshop   (invited)  Tsinghua Univ. Hinchu

5/5 term ends   5/8-12 finals

6/5-9  DAMOP 2017 Sacramento, CA (invited)        DAMOP 2017

7/2-7/7 6th Attosecond physics, Xian    ATTO2017   ;

6/29 talk at Institute of applied physics, Beijing

6/30 talk at Beijing University

7/3   talk at northwest university, Xian

8/17  FEMTO13 Cancum     (FEMTO13)

9/24-27  ICOMP-14th   Budapest  ICOMP 2017

9/19 talk at Max Born Institute, Berlin

9/22 talk at Technical Univ. of Vienna

10/22-24 DOE annual meeting   https://www.orau.gov/amos2017/default.htm

 12/11 –to TPE







1/31-2/3  Imaging with femtosecond electrons and X-ray pulses 1-3 Trieste url

2/7-12  Gordon conference on photoionization  Lucca, Italy    URL

6/14-7/18 PRC

6/16 talk at Institute of applied physics  - phase retrieval

6/17 Peking Univ.  – LIED

6/20 two talks – Xingjiang Institute of Engineering and Xinjiang University

7/5 Northwest Normal U—intro to strong field

7/6 one talk on phase retrieval – Lanzhou University; visited Institute of Modern Physics

9/6 KSU AMO seminar – dynamics of Fano resonance

9/12 Lincoln – NSF EPSCOP

10/25  DOE meeting  presentation

12/9 class finished   12/12-16 exam finals



1/5 seminar, Hanoi Science and technology “ Opportunities in ultrashort strong laser field physics”

5/26,27 ksu-nu project annual review

6/11-7/11 China and Taiwan (East China Normal U; Jiao-tung U; Nanjing S&T U)

 6/8-12 DAMOP 2015 Columbus, Ohio   DAMOP

7/6-10 ATTO 2015   Manoir St-Sauveur in St-Sauveur Canada (Jin, Le, Zhao, two oral presentations)

7/8-10 Invited talk  IAMS symposium  link

8/8-10 Shantou Univ. Symposium Invited talk

8/16-21 UFO X, Beijing    link

9/7-10 SiLAP Bordeaux

9/28,29 NSF-EPSCOR at Lincoln

10/11-13 DOE site review

10/25-28 DOE annual meeting   link

12/22-1/19 TPE (seminar

5/11 spring exam;  8/24 fall class begins; 12/14 fall exam;  1/19 class starts



1/19/14   class starts (actually 1/21)

3/5   ksu seminar

3/10-14 Filamentation workshop: (invited-declined Filamentation14/ Montreal

3/17-21 spring break

5/12 final exam

5/15- 6/10 –travel (2 seminars at ICFO)

6/2-6   DAMOP Madison, Wisconsin

6/15-20 Gordon Conference in Waltham, MA (Jin-hot topic talk)

7/7-7/11 Ultrafast Phenomena (UP2014), Okinawa Convention Center, (oral presentation) http://up2014.org/

7/9-11 Sheffield, UK  “Emerging photon technologies for chemical dynamics” Faraday Discussion 171

7/21-9/19 Santa Barbara, CA“ frontiers of intense laser physics”, KITP

8/21 QM-DE

8/25 fall class starts

10/19-22 OSA Frontiers in Optics, Tucson (invited)   FiO/LS 2014

10/26-29  DOE AMOS meeting (Bolger)

11/24-28 Thanksgiving

12/7-10 ICOMP13 (invited) Shanghai  Home

12/17 fall final exam




5/17 Shantou Univ workshop on strong laser physics, invited talk

5/21-24 S. L. Chin’s retirement, Quebec City

6/3-7  DAMOP, Quebec city (invited talk)  http://www.aps.org/units/damop/meetings/annual/index.cfm

7/8-12  Atto-4, Paris, Institute Pasteur   HOME

7/20-22 Xian, ISWAMP2,    iswamp2

7/24-30 ICPEAC Lanzou http://icpeac2013.impcas.ac.cn/

8/25-29 Spie- ultrafast imaging and spectroscopy, San Diego convention center (invited) http://spie.org/op217

10/6-10 OSA-DLS Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics (invited)    http://www.frontiersinoptics.com

10/6-11 ISUILS12 Salamanca, Spain

10/27-30 DOE meeting at Bolger Center (talk due)     (AMOS) 2013  

11/4-6  ksu-workshop    link

12/28-1/24 TWN




2/12-17  Gordon Conference-Photoions, Photoionization and Photodetachment Galveston, TX (invited) link

                    “Photoionization and High-order Hamonic Generation”

3/19-21  High-intensity lasers and high-field phenomena (HILAS) Berlin, Germany

             2nd International conference on ultrafast structural dynamics (ICUSD)  Berlin, Germany

4/10-12 Colloquium, Wayne State University

6/3-8    Gordon Conference -2012 Multiphoton Processes Mt Holyoke. Mass.  (invited)  link  “ Quantitative Rescattering Theory”

6/4-8    DAMOP 2012 Orange County CA

7/1-3  ultrafast dynamic imaging of matter Banff center,  Banff, Canada   http://www.atto.nrc.ca/UDIM2012/


7/8-13 18th International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena, July 8 - 13, 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland, link

8/28-9/1  MPS2012 Berlin          link

9/3-9/8 Krakow, seminar “probing ultrafast dyanmics of atoms and molecules with attosecond and femtosecond light pulses”

10/21-25  ISUILS11 Korea  link

10/28-31 (S-W) DOE Airlie meeting  link

11/18-20  DOE site review

            2012 seminars

S12: starts 1/17 exam: 5/7   TWN 12/30- 1/17 from boston; 5/19-6/20 east coast travel;



5/13     Universitie Pierre et Marie Curie, seminar

5/30     Politec University of Milano, seminar

6/13-17  DAMOP   Atlanta        DAMOP 2011 

6/20-23  Ultrafast X-ray suumer school, Hamburg

7/3-7/6   ICOMP12   Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

7/6-7/8   Atto3       Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (invited)   ICOMP & ATTO

7/11-15 LPHYS’11  Sarajevo (invited/declined)    LPHYS'11

7/27-8/2  ICPEAC  Belfast  ICPEAC 2011

8/4-8/6   (e,2e) and double photoionization, Dublin, Ireland, invited.     e,2e satellite

9/6-9     DOE AMOS  Airlie http://www.orau.gov/amos2011/

10/14-15   Wildcorn at Lincoln, Neb.

10/16-21  (ISUILS) International Symposium on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science 10,

              at Hotel auf der Wartburg http://www.wartburghotel.de/ in Eisenach, Germany (invitedlink

12/14-16  International Conference on Current Developments in Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Nano Physics with Applications, New Delhi, CDAMOP2011


Travel: 1/13 DE-QM; 1/18-class begins;  3/21-25: springbreak;  5/9-final week; 

 8/17-19: DE?  8/22: class begins;  11/21-25 thanksgiving week;  12/12 exam starts

meeting calendar-Lund   jrm meet calendar

seminars:  2/2 Xu/Chen


2/3   seminar at KSU

3/4,5,8  seminars at ChiaoTung, Tsinghua and ChenKung Universities.

3/15-19 APS March meeting, special session on attosecond Physics (invitation declined), Portland

5/25-29  DAMOP in Houston, Rice Univ (chair a focus session)  DAMOP 2010

6/6-11  Gordon conference (Discussion Leader- Ultrafast imaging, invitation declined)

6/7-10 1st Ultrafast Structural Dynamics, Lausanne, Switzerland   ICUSD

6/ 4,  Seminar at Max-Planck Institute of Qunatum Optik, Garching, Germany

6/7    Colloquium at University of Saravejo, Bosnia & Herzgovina


6/23-25 (invited) CECAM comference at UCL (strong-field and attosecond  physics), London  Link


7/4-9  ECAMP 10, Salamanca, Spain  http://www.ecamp10.com

7/25-30 ICAP Cairns, Australia     icap2010 

8/2- 8/6  x-ray frontiers at KIPT, Santa Barbara, CA x-ray frontiers

8/18-22  (invited) Ultra fast Atomic Physics - Towards the Zeptosecond Regime, Bad Honnef, Germany  home

8/23-27 (invited) ICONO-LAT ( International Conference on Coherent and Nonlinear Optics –Lasers, applications, and Technologies)

            Kazan’, Russia      link

8/30,31, 9/1,2  (invited) AMO Summer school in Taiwan (series of lectures)

9/4-7 (invited) International conference on many particle spectroscopy of atoms, molecules, clusters and surfaces, Sendai Japan link

9/26-29  DOE Airlie (talk due)   link


Springbreak week  3/15-21  final week (5/10)  fall semester starts (8/22) fall exam week (12/13)


1/5-11 SJC;  3/2-15, Taiwan; 3/20-28 KK in MHK; 6/2-6 MPQ; 6/6-14, Sarajevo; 6/15-22, Iceland;

7/21-30, Cambridge; 11/3 KU; 11/19-28 Arizona-NM-TX;    12/22-30 KK-boston

Seminars by group: 2/3 Lin;   2/24 Le/Jin ;  3/10 Chen/Xu;  10/13 Chu;   10/6 Blaga 



1/15 spring term begins.

3/16-20 (M-F) Spring break

4/29-5/3 Ultra-fast dynamics imaging, Ischia, Italy ultrafast dynamic imaging 2009

5/11  semester exam begins

5/ 19-23   DAMOP  U. Virginia (invited )  DAMOP 2009 

5/27-29    Atoms and molecules in intense fields and attosecond physics, Sandbjerg, Denmark (invited talk)  link

7/8-11    EGAS  Gdansk, Poland  41st EGAS Conference, 2009, Gdansk, Poland

7/22-28  ICPEAC  Kalamazoo, MI. ICPEAC 2009 - Conference Site

7/28-8/1    2nd International Attosecond Physics Meeting, Manhattan, KS   Atto-09

9/13-16    DOE at Airlie   amos2009

9/21-23   SILAP 2009 Zion National Park  (invited)  silap 2009

10/16      Seminar at NRC, Ottawa and University of Ottawa

10/18-22  Quantum dynamic imaging, Montreal  (invited talk)  Thematic Semester : Imaging2009

11/13     Seminar       -Ohio State University

11/30     Seminar       -PULSE/LCLS Stanford University

11/30-12/3  The future of ultrafast soft X-ray science  LBNL (discussion leader) link

 Meeting calendar    LLCConferenceCalendar.htm

March – outstanding referee

May  -- DAMOP executive committee

April--  exit from HCI International Committee

July – chair Atto-09 conference

8/24  class begins; 12/14 exam begins;  1/14 class begins



Feb24-29 Ein Gedi  Ultrafast-Ultracold Processes;  Batsheva de Rothschild Seminar  

May 27-31  Penn State U  DAMOP-2008

June 8-13, 2008  Multiphoton -Gordon conference, Tilton, NH. link

June 9-13, Stresa(lake Maggiore) Italy UP2008  UP208 Home

6/26-7/5 Oregon tour

July 2-5, EGAS. Graz, Austria. EGAS Conference Graz 2008

Sept 1-5, 14th HCI, Chofu, Japan (program committee)

Sept  10-12, AD-80 Cambridge

Sept 14-17, 2008 DOE Airlie meeting  2008 DOE 

Sept 18-23 ICOMP  Heidelberg (program committee) ICOMP 2008

10/8-20 Taiwan

11/24-28 8th AISAMP8  aisamp-8

11/23-27  Arches National Park

12/23-31 London


SJC:      12/22/07-1/4/08;   3/17-24;   5/24-6/4;  8/6-12

 1/17/08 spring semester begins;  1/12 -1/18 shin watanabe; 1/18-23 ksl; 3/3-10 toyota; toru: 7/19-8/28

3/17-21 spring break; 5/12 semester exam;  8/25 semester starts, 10/6 fall break,  11/24-30  Thanksgiving week;

12/15 exam week

  12/29-1/16 TPE

   Jan 9   Collq at Taida -Chemistry+ IAMS (meet YTL) Colloquium " Attosecond Physics"

   Jan 11  ChiaoTung. "time-resolved chemical imaging with lasers"

   March 13-15  Review of Tsinghua University

  March 16  Talk at Nat Central U. ChungLi, Twn "Attosecond Physics"

   May 14, Saclay;   May 21, Heidelberg MPI;

  May 20-25,   Germany Society summer school (invited talk,May 23)    Bad Honnef  

  June 5-9,       DAMOP, Calgary, Canada           DAMOP 07
  July 25-31    ICPEAC, Freiburg, Germany         ICPEAC 2007
  August 1-5,  Atto07-Dresden (invited talk)   ATTO07

  Sept 9-12  DOE meeting at Airlie center (talk) link

Oct 8-10 workshop on "Science for a New class of soft X-ray light soruce", Berkeley CA link

October 18,19 Lincoln, collq +seminar 

1/3-7 Angkor wat; 6/16-30 alaska;  3/22-26 sjc; 11/22-11/27 sjc; 12/21-1/4sjc

1/11 class starts; spring break 3/19-24,; 5/7 final exam week;  3/9-22 Twn,

8/10-15 sjc  8/20 class starts; 10/1, student holiday; 12/10 final exam week

1/17/08 spring semester begins




1/9  NCTS, Tsinghua Univ., AMO Theory workshop (invited) "Quantum chaos in Helium"  

1/17-19 Tsukuba, PCPM2006 (invited)      PCPM 2006 AIST   (title: Structural dependence of tunneling ionization and harmonic generation of simple molecules by short laser pulses)  

3/13-17 APS March meeting, Baltimore, MD  APS March Meeting 2006

3/21-23       CDAMOP, Delhi University, India  (talk-declined)  CDAMOP2006

4/9-11  Ultrafast dynamical imaging processes, Imperial College, London (invited) Attosecond  (title:Alignment dependence of high-order harmonic generation from molecules and two-center interference effect)

5/16-20 DAMOP, Knoxville, Tenn.  (chair) DAMOP 2006

6/5-18 Vienna, Dresden and Berlin (2 talks, one colloq)

6/7-10  EGASIsland of Ischia (Naples, Italy link

6/11-16 Gordon conference on Multiphoton Processes, Tilton, New Hamsphire  2006 GRC 

6/19-21 ITAMP workshop on "X-ray free-electron lasers: challenges for theory." (invited--no talks)

7/16-21  ICAP Innsbruck, Austria 20th-ICAP

7/31-9/8 KITP workshop, Santa Barbara   KITP - Attosecond  Workshop

8/1-4  attosecond conference Santa Barbara (invited)  KITP - Attosecond  Workshop (title: Attosecond pulses for probing two-electron dynamics in the time domain)

8/20-24 AMO meeting in Tsinghua (title: Nonlinear physics of Atoms and molecules in femtosecond and attosecond light pulses)

8/22-23 two seminars at ChiaoTung University-- introduction to HHG  and Introduction to ATI

8/28-9/1 HCI Belfast (advisory board)  HCI-13th

9/10-13 DOE meeting -Airlie center  link

10/8-12  OSA meeting, Rochester, NY (invited) 2006 OSA Annual Meeting  (title: Attosecond pulses for probing the time-resolved two-electron dynamics in helium atoms)

10/19-21 (Thur-Sat) doe site review

12/24-1/16  SJC, Twn

 spring break 3/19-25; class starts 1/12; 5/8 exam week, class MWF -cw23 10:30am

 fall 06: class starts 8/21; Oct 2-student holiday; 12/11 semester exam;

hosting: Shin Watanabe (9/19-21)

sjc: 3/3-7; 5/24-28, 11/17-24; 12/24-27






 1/9-15 Strong field attosecond physics, (talk) Obergurgl, Austria,  attosecond-Innsbruck (Attosecond atomic and molecular dynamics)

1/18  colloq at UEC, Japan

1/19  seminar at Riken, Japan

1/20-23   Atomic processes in intense laser field and related many-body problems, Shonan Village International Conference Center,  (talk)  seminar

5/17-21 DAMOP 2005 Lincoln, Neb.  Damop2005

6/5-8  Canadian Association of Physicists 2005 congress (talk) UBC Vancouver link

7/20-26 ICPEAC, Rosario, Argentina   ICPEAC 24

7/28-29  ISIAC (program committee) Rio, Brazil  ISIAC-19

8/3-6  European Group for Atomic Systems,  Dublin, Ireland  EGAS-37

9/11-14 DOE contractors' meeting--Airlie center  link

10/9-14  ICOMP2005--icomp2005-- Orford, Quebec, Canada (talk)

11/3-4 Attosecond conference, DukeUniversity


2/9-11 Phys. Soc. Meeting, Taiwan (talk)   Tsing Hua U.     Frontiers of atoms and molecules in ultrashort and/or superintense laser fields

5/25-29 DAMOP Tucson Arizona damop2004

8/29-9/1 ANL workshop on time domain scicne using x-ray technique, Lake Geneva, Wisconin (talk) time-domain workshop 

9/12-15  DOE meeting (talk) Airlie Center doe annual meeting

10/5-8  ITC14 and ICAMDATA2004, Toki, Gifu, Japan (talk)   ITC14&ICAMDATA2004

10/9 Kyoto University, seminar.



5/20-24  DAMOP Boulder Colorado Damop2003

 7/23-29, 2003 ICPEAC Stockholm  ICPEAC 2003

  8/4-7    Moscow-Chernogolovka workshop on adiabatic transitions (talk)

 9/21-24  DOE meeting  Granlibakken center 2003 Research Meeting

10/1-3 Auberge Cheribourg, Orford, QC  Canadian workshop on ultrafast dynamics (talk) Link

11/7-8 Wildcorn at KSU (theory review, special guest: Carl Wieman)

11/20-22 attosecond workshop at ITAMP (talk) link




3/14-26 Taiwan (talk at ChiaoTung, 3/18)

 5/2-5 Las Vegas (visited UNLV)

5/28- 6/1 Williamsburg DAMOP http://www.aps.org/meet/DAMOP02 (attended)

5/31-6/3 Horst's workshop link (talk)

6/30-7/5 Tilton, NH,Gordon conference on multiphoton    http://www.chemistry.bnl.gov/grc/Default.htm

7/24-27  Fano workshop, ITAMP (chair)   http://itamp.harvard.edu/fano.html
7/28-8/2 ICAP  Cambridge, Mass
 8/14-18 Lanzhou, PRC (8/12-14, AMO of PRC)  
9/1 - 6 HCI Caen

 10/6-9 DOE contractors' meeting in Warrenton, Va.  http://www.orau.gov/amop2002/

11/22-23 Wildcorn-- Lincoln, Neb




ksu seminar 1/31: radiative decay of He

DAMOP  : London, Ontario, 5/16-19  (attended)  website

ICPEAC:    July 18-24, Santa Fe  (attended) website
 DOE meeting 9/30 -10/3  doe amop research meeting  (talk given)
 KSU seminar 10/24:  shakeoff theory revisted


 2/2   KSU seminar - antihydrogen physics
3/6-10  few-body in taipei  (chair, program committee)
 few-body international
  Guest professor--Chung-Yuan Christian U.   give two talks

5/13-17    Spectroscopy and collision dynamics with HCI
(invited talk)  Electron correlation in multiply excited states of atoms
      Abisko research station-beyond the arctic circle

5/28-6/1   many-particle dynamics in Coulomb systems (invited talk)
                  Bad-Honnef near Bonn
  title: Saddle point mechanism for ion impact ionization
 horst's workshop--5/28-6/3

7/30-8/3  HCI at Berkeley

8/30 seminar at KSU--classification of triply excited states
9/11  seminar at University of Lyon-- exotic molecules and exotic atoms
9/13-16 workshop at Madrid, Spain (invited talk) -word abstrat
       invited talk on overview of ion-atom collision theory

9/26-29  DOE Airlie conference  center,  50 miles southwest of Washington, DC
10/16-18   DOE site review (at KSU)
    two presentations
10/13-18  Asia AMO meeting   Asia AMO meeting in Taipei


3/20-26 DAMOP Atlanta Westin Hotel

7/19-21 antiproton worshop Riken (invited talk)
7/22-27 ICPEAC Sendai, Japan
7/29-30 Isiac Uji, Kyoto (invited talk)
8/ 9-13 accelerator meeting in Beijing (invited talk)

10/15-16   colloq at Ames, IA

10/24-27, 1999 DOE contractor's meeting (Boulder, CO)

11/4-6 Harvard workshop on 3 and 4 body (chair, three talks)

12/3-4  Wildcorn at KSU (summary talk)