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    APS Journals
    Physical Review and Physical Review Letters including author and referee information. dt> IOP
    The Institute of Physics Publishing's home page including access to Physics Express Letters -- an electronic edition of all Letters and Rapid Communications from 11 of IOP's leading journals.
    National Academy Press
    A book collection from the National Academy is available on-line and in their entirety. They are free for the reading in the "Reading Room" section of the National Academy Press, the publisher for the National Academy of Sciences, the National Research Council, and the Institute of Medicine, website. There are more than 1000 books on-line.
    Nature magazine.
    Science magazine.
    Science Magazines
    The latest front covers and tables-of-contents for 25 leading science magazines listing almost 300 new articles and reports. Updated every Monday and WAIS indexed.


    The American Association for the Advancement of Science.
    DOE sites
    A point-and-click map of DOE installations in the U.S. providing a simple interface to other DOE labs.
    The home page for news from Fermilab.
    Table of Nuclides
    A chart of the isotopes with point-and-click interface to detailed information on particular nuclides. This also works with dumb terminal interfaces. Provided by the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute.
    Physical Reference Data
    The complete guide to NIST's on-line physical reference data.
    Unit Conversions
    The NIST guide to various unit conversion web sites.
    Everything you might want to know about x-rays and x-ray sources.
    Photoionization Data
    For those in need of photoionization cross sections and related parameters. It performs absorption calculations and the like for all elements. It's a great place to get (or check) solutions to simple scattering problems.
    Atomic Databases
    Links various databases for atomic and plasma physics.
    Nobel Prize Foundation
    A searchable database of past Nobel winners and information concerning the 1995 winners, including photos of each person as well as other related material.
    A database of physical properties of the elements.
    The American Chemical Society.