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A good introductory web article on atomic spectroscopy is now available:

Atomic Spectroscopy
by W. C. Martin and W. L. Wiese

Problem set 10  (due 5/10/99)

1. Consider single ionization in an ion-atom collision event. The electron initially has a binding energy of Ei (a negative number) and after ionization it has energy Ef (a positive number). Use conservation of energy and conservation of momentum in the parallel and perpendicular directions (with respect to the beam direction), show that the  momentum of the recoil ion in the parallel direction is given by

PR||= ( Ef -Ei)/v -ke||

where R stands for recoil ion and e for the electron. In deriving the equation above, use want to use the fact that the mass of the nucleus is much higher than the mass of the electron.

  • Table 1: 3l3l' doubly excited states of H-
  • Table2: 3l3l' states of C4+



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