You are assumed to  have working knowledge of  Elementary QM at the level of the following sections of the book by Griffiths, "Introduction to QM".  You should review the following topics before the start of the semester.


1. --chapter 2

    1D problems:  Time independent solutions of

     infinite square well, harmonic oscillator, free particles, delta-function potential and finite square well potential.

2. --chapter 3

Hilbert space and Hermitian operators, commutation relation, uncertainty principle, Dirac notation

3. --chapter 4

    3D problems in central potential, angular momentum, spin, hydrogen atom

4. --chapter 5

    two identical particles

5.--chapter 6

    time-independent perturbation theory and its applications

6.-- chapter 9

    time-dependent perturbation theory

7.-- chapter 11

    scattering theory-- phase shift and Born approximation