ED II.    Homework  2 (due 2/27/02)

  1.  Derive the phase change of a plane wave undergoing total internal reflection from  a medium  with index of refraction n1 to a medium with n2 (n1>n2).


 (This is the first equation on page 2 of the 2/20/02 handout). Note that the angle q is defined from the plane, not from the normal to the plane. You may want to use the equations derived in Jackson directly.




  1. For the planar dielectric waveguide, consider the example with d=10mm, n1=3.5, n2=3.45, and the wavelength in vacuum is 0.9mm. Calculate all the allowed modes, the phase velocity and the group velocity of each mode.

(you may want to write a simple code to get the answers).