Fall 2000, Electrodynamics I

   TU      2:05pm to 3:20pm  Cardwell 146


   Textbook:        Heald and Marion, "Classical Electromagnetic Radiation", 3rd ed
   References:      Jackson, "Classical Electrodynamics" 3rd or 2nd edition
    (Note:   materials will be drawn from both books. )
       1.  Homework ( 20%)
       Four or Five problems will be assigned for each week. See next link for updated problem assignments.

The collected homework will be checked but not graded. Students
         are encourged to work on the problems together.

       2.  Two  exams during the semester  (25% each)
              first exam:  Oct 5    7pm-10pm
              Second exam:   Nov 16, 7pm-10pm

        3.   Final exam    (30%)