Quiz 3b   (Phys 101 - 11.30am, Spring 2005)


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1. What does to conserve mean in Physics?

To keep constant



2. A railway car weighing 500kg is traveling at 2m/s along a railway track. It collides with a stationary railway car of weight 500kg. After the collision the two cars stick together and travel at a speed v.

a) Determine the total momentum of the two cars before the collision?

  ptot(before) = m1v1 + m2v2 = 500x2 + 500x0 = 1000 kg m/s

b) Use the Law of Conservation of Momentum to determine the speed v after the collision.

 ptot(after) = (m1+ m2)v = (500 + 500)v = 1000v


Therefore by conservation of total momentum ptot(before) =  ptot(after) or 1000 = 1000v.

Hence v = 1m/s.