Class 6:




                                                                                                Who ought to be on papers?

                                                                                                What are you responsible for when you are a co-author?

                                                                                                                Lead author is responsible for the general text and putting the paper together

                                                                                                Collective Responsibility

                                                                                                                Limits science


                                                                                                Using Ideas and Co-Authoring vs. using ideas and sighting

                                                                                                                If the work is already published

                                                                                                                The novelty of the idea

                                                                                                In order to be on a paper

                                                                                                                 Must have understanding

                                                                                                                Confidence in the work

                                                                                                                                (not test for fraud)

                                                                                                General rules in who should be considered as a Co-author

                                                                                                                How much time was put into the project

                                                                                                                The quality of the work put into the project