Physics Undergraduate Invited to Give Talk at 2002 APS Meeting

It is not common that one of our undergraduate students is invited to give a talk in the APS meeting, in this case the DAMOP meeting of 2002.

Max Sayler, one of our undergraduate students is conducting research in the James R. Macdonald Laboratory on "Ionization and fragmentation of water by fast ions" under the supervision of Professor I. Ben-Itzhak. His research on isotopic effects in bond rearrangement and bond breaking have been discovered and have resulted in a few publications and an invitation to present his research in the "undergaraduate student research session" of the Annual Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (DAMOP) Meeting of American Physical Society that was held in Williamsburg, Virginia during May 2002.

Only four to five students are selected each year to present such talks. The title of his talk was "Ionization and fragmentation of water molecules caused by fast proton impact; an isotopic effect in bond rearrangement. " In addition to his talk, he presented a poster focusing on "Bond rearrangement during molecular dissociation; a sudden or slow process?" along with J.W. Maseberg, D. Hathiramani, K.D. Carnes, B.D. Esry, and I. Ben-Itzhak.