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Department of Physics

K-State Physics News 

K-Staters contribute to DUNE collaboration that finalizes the blueprint for the ultimate neutrino detector

Ratra Lecture at Missouri State on Thursday, February 20

Fermilab Announces Bolton as DUNE-US Project Director 

A starry night on the UT San Antonio campus campus

Workshops on holistic graduate admissions for STEM fields Feb. 3-5

Public Lecture at Wichita State by Bharat Ratra on February 5 (pdf)

Physics Undergraduate Researchers Help with Large Hadron Collider

Bharat Ratra to Give a Talk at Univ of Texas San Antonio January 31 (pdf)

Ratra to Give a Special Public Presentation at TAMU-Commerce on January 30 (pdf)

Celebration of Life program for Shuo Zeng, PhD 2015 (pdf)