Manijeh Razeghi

Walter p. murphy professor, dept of electrical engineering & computer science

northwestern university

Quantum Sensing Through Nano-Optoelectronics:

Inspiration from Nature

Monday, March 27, 2006

4:30 p.m.

CW 102


The 20th century has seen a variety of major discoveries in science and technology, especially in the area of compound semiconductors, quantum devices and nanotechnology.  Nano-optoelectronics, as the focal point where compound semiconductor quantum devices and nanotechnology meet, constitutes a relatively new field that enables us to design and realize compact and intelligent devices capable of mimicking Nature -and beyond-, including in particular the way sensing is achieved.  Realizing such Quantum Sensing has driven some of the recent research development at the Center for Quantum Devices. 

This talk will first give a brief overview of the exciting research activity at the Center for Quantum Devices in the area of nano-optoelectronics beyond the visible, including: wide bandgap III-Nitride semiconductors and deep ultraviolet quantum devices, infrared quantum cascade lasers, quantum dot infrared photodetectors (QDIP) and type II superlattice infrared photodetectors and focal plane arrays.  This talk will then focus on a few examples of recent advances in the engineering of III-V compound semiconductor nanostructures for mimicking Nature.