Texas A&M

Spectroscopy of Light-Induced States

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

4:30 p.m.

CW 102


The fastest processes relevant for AMO physics (and thus also for chemistry and biology) proceed on the attosecond time scale. Recent progress in ultrafast laser technology promises to bring the rich tool box of laser physics to the benefit of attosecond science. Interestingly, attosecond laser physics today relies exclusively on strong-field laser physics. A thorough understanding of the behavior of atoms and molecules in intense laser fields therefore is an obvious prerequisite.

In this talk I will report on light-induced states. In case these come into resonance, the very processes exploited in attosecond laser physics can be altered dramatically. The first spectroscopic data -- in particular a measurement of the lifetime of these light-induced states -- will be presented. In addition, the current, obviously incomplete, understanding of the effect will be discussed.