A Powerful Laser for Studying and Teaching AMO Physics

Zenghu Chang
Kansas State University

After joining Kansas State University in the summer of 2001, I have been devoted to the establishment of an ultrafast high intensity laser facility at the James Macdonald Laboratory.  With the hard work of my group members and the full support of the AMO faculty and staff, the new laser system, Kansas Light Source, now produces 25 fs pulses at 1 kilohertz repetition rate with 4 mJ pulse energy, which is the most powerful high repetition rate laser with only one multipass amplifier.

Using Kansas Light Source, we discovered the high harmonic generation from molecules is very different than that from atoms. This opened new ways to improve the generation of coherent x-ray.

The new laser is also a fantastic tool for my teaching of Optics.  For the first time, our students have labs for the optics course at K-State, which they really enjoy.

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