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A Classroom Guide to Yeast Experiments

A Research Approach to Mendelian and Molecular Genetics and Genetic-Environmental Interactions

Contents of the book

Part A : Background
Part B : Basic Genetics Experiments
Part C : UV Experiments
Part D : Mutation Experiments
Part E : Analysis of Meiotic Products
Part F : A closer look at....
Part G : Methods and Materials
Part H : Video tape notes
Part I : Glossary and References

Online version of the book

Contents of Video Guide To Yeast Experiments

Tape 1 : Yeast Genetics

Cycles in the Life of Yeast
A Simple Cross
A Traditional Dihybrid Cross
Sporulation and Dissection Asci
The Two Gene Hypothesis
A Genetic Test for Allelism
Cell Division Cycle
The Yeast Pheromone, Alpha Factor
Yeast Transformation
Plasmid Loss

Tape 2 : Genetic - Environmental Interactions

Using Yeast to Measure Solar UV
Global Ozone
DNA Repair : Photoreactivation
Effect of Adenine on Red Mutant Yeast
Anaerobic Growth of Red Mutant Yeast

Tape 3 : Methods and Materials

Taking the Magic out of Making Media
Subculturing Yeast Using Toothpicks or Inoculating Loops
Spreading Cells
Streaking for Single Cells
Replica Plating
Serial Dilution and Viable Cell Counts
Wet Mount Slides
Microscope and Home Video Camera
Irradiating Cells

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Last updated  Friday August 19 2005