Price List

Price List of Yeast Experiment Materials Available From Carolina Biological Supply Co. To order call 1-800-334-5551.

Yeast Strains

StrainGenotype Comments Catalog No. Each
HA0 a Wild type; will grow on MV CB-17-36207.40
HB0 CB-17-3621 7.40
HA1 a ade1 Red,adenine-requiring; wild type for ADE2 CB-17-3622 7.40
HB1 ade1 CB-17-3623 7.40
HA2 a ade2 Red, adenine-requiring; wild type for ADE1CB-17-3624 7.40
HAR a ade2 CB-17-3625 7.40
HB2 ade2 Red, adenine-requiring, wild type for ADE1 CB-17-3626 7.40
HBR ade2 CB-17-3627 7.40
HA12 a ade1 ade2 Red, adenine-requiring; double mutant CB-17-3628 7.40
HB12 ade1 ade2 CB-17-3629 7.40
HAT a trp5 White, tryptophan- requiring CB-17-3630 7.40
HBT trp5 CB-17-3631 7.40
HART a ade2 trp5 Red, adenine-requiring,tryptophan-requiring CB-17-3632 7.40
HBRT ade2 trp5 CB-17-3633 7.40
G948-1C/U rad1 rad18 phr1 ura3 mutant is defective in excision repair, error prone repair and photoreactivation, and uracil requiring CB-17-3634 7.40

Growth Media

The following packets contain the dry ingredients to make 500mL of agar medium--enough for approximately 20 petri plates.

Number Material Description Unit Price
CB-17-3660MV + Ade$3.00