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Department of Physics

Benchmarking Analytics

In May, 2014 Elsevier gave us a month of trial subscription to their SciVal analytics program and database for "benchmarking". I have used that for comparisons of our productivity with our peer physics departments and with other departments at K-State (i.e. K-State in general).

Peer averaging is done with the following Physics departments:
Auburn, Clemson, Georgia State, Iowa State, Mississippi State, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, University of Kansas, University of Missouri, and University of Oklahoma.

Exhibit I shows our scholarly output per faculty (the number of faculty data is taken from 2014 AIP Graduate Program book and thus a rough estimate for other years) compared with our peer average.

Scholarly Output by Faculty
Exhibit I


Exhibit II shows our citations per publication compared with our peer average while Exhibit III shows annual citation counts.

Citations per Faculty
Exhibit II
Citations per Publication
Exhibit III


Exhibit IV compares various aspects of our scholarly output with K-State in general.

Standing at K-State
Exhibit IV